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tv   Huckabee  FOX News  August 11, 2013 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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he's pleaded not guilty to racketeering and playing a role in more than 19 murders. that's our fox report on sunday august 11, 2013. now, "huckabee." >> tonight on "huckabee." as democrats anoint hillary as the next queen, republicans battle in their version of the game "game of thrones." >> the gop of old has grown steal. >> this strain of libertarianism i think is very dangerous. >> can the gop ever unite to win the white house again? remember the president's re-election message in 2012? >> al qaeda's on the path to defeat and bin laden is dead. here's what he said earlier this week. >> al qaeda affiliates and like-minded extremists still threaten our homeland. >> which is it, mr. president? former cia officer breaks down the latest terror threat. plus, hypocrisy in
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hollywood, matt damon sends his kids to private school. >> ladies and gentlemen, governor mike huckabee. [ applause ] >> thank you. thank you very much. welcome to "huckabee" from the fox studios in new york city. this week, the trial of self-proclaimed jihadist and once army major nidal hasan finally got under way after four years and $5 million of taxpayer funds to prepare for the trial. hasan murdered 13 people, an unborn child and wounded 32 others in a cold-blooded massacre at ft. hood, texas. he's continued to receive his military pay which over the four years since the shooting amounts to just south of $300,000. as taxpayers we paid his medical bills, we provide him with legal
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assistance and extraordinary security measures. equally disturbing despite military rules that prohibit the growing of a beard, he's allowed to do so in order to accommodate his muslim faith. he's allowed to pray, read the koran and eat specific food. later in our show tonight, we will tell you about honorable soldier s jr soldiers, marines and airmen, who are christian, told to put away their bibles, get them out of sight and remove any christian references on their facebook pages. chaplains ordered not to florida in name of jesus and take down signs that quote president eisenhower who said, there are no eighatheists in foxholes bec that might be offensive to atheists. if some in the military have their way there wouldn't be jews or christians in foxholes because they would be system systemically drummed out of
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military service. i think we should ahe herhere te who serve in the military. it's about the freedom to worship and express and even disagree. why are christians in the armed services singled out for discrimination? when i visited gitmo a few years ago i was taken aback by the level of accommodation we made for the muslim detainees. they were given opportunity to pray five times per day on their rigid schedule. they were give an prayer rug, provided with a koran and fed only hot and freshly cooked strict halal meals which cost over $14 a day to prepare. the brave american servicemen who guarded them were fed sandwiches twice a day and only one hot meal. their total food costs were about 4 bucks a day. i was outraged the detainees were given better soldifood and
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the soldiers who guarded him. >> ne didal sits in the same uniform he wore when he shot the others and he talked about his ji haddist brothers in the taliban. we go to great lengths to not offend his sensitivities. i'd like to know when we're going to respect the sensitivities of those murdered and wounded by that monster? when will we have respect and aecccommodation for christian o jewish. i'm glad we find racism repulsive. we ought to stop discrimination when it comes to someone's religion, race or beliefs. it ought to apply to everyone, including christians. not everyone but christians. [ applause ] you can argue about the president's ability to lead or the democrats' performance or lack thereof in washington, but democrats know how to stick
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together and they back the president's policies and unite behind their candidates. i mean, they've all but anointed hillary clinton to be their presidential candidate in 2016. they're pretty good at blaming republicans. but you know who else is good at beating up republicans? other republicans. and as chris christie and rand paul recently showed, the gop can't seem to get out of its own way. >> senator paul want to start look writing he's going to cut spending to afford defense, maybe he should start looking cutting the pork barrel spending he brings home to kentucky. >> this is the king of bacon talking about bacon. he wants to be this great champion of national defense. what does he want to do shut down military bases in kentucky? we have to patch things up. he wants to break bread and see if we can find common ground. i think it would help the party to not have us feuding. >> i'm running for re-election in new jersey. i don't have time for that at
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the moment. if i find myself down in washington i'll certainly look him up. i certainly don't expect i'll be there any time soon. >> if republicans don't get their act together any time soon can they capture a majority in the senate and win back the white house? joining us, the communications director for the republican national committee and dana lash, host and tea party activist and matt, author of the book "the declaration of independents," how libertarianism and politics can fix what's wrong with america. glad to have all of you guys there. >> i know you're sean spicer. i know that any. let me start with you, republicans are fight right now, particularly in the house and senate whether or not to de-fund obamacare even if it means shutting down significant portions of the government. good idea or bad idea? >> in general a good idea. our party is united as far as getting rid of obamacare.
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we recognize the fact more americans are losing their health care, costs are going up, the problems continue with the implementation of obamacare. what i think we have a robust difference on is the tactic how to make that happen. some people believe we can de-fund it through the continuing resolution process. some people believe you're not able to do that because of the way the funding is structured in terms of mandatory spending. if we can get resolution it should be done, i think they agree it should be de-funded and what's the most effective way to do it. that's where the breakdown occurs. everyone wants to get to the same place but how to get there. >> a lot of the tea party people have drawn a line in the sand and said if they don't vote to de-fund or tie it to debt ceiling or the budget itself, they're rhinos. is that fair? >> you're going to find a lot of varied opinion within the xwras roo grassroots movement. generally, people want to see
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the republicans take a stand on it. general view if they won't stand when it's time to de-fund it, then they definitely won't stand to repeal it. i think there's this lingering general distrust the grassroots movement has -- no offense, sean. >> none taken. >> the grassroots have with the republican party and feel there are things they've compromised before and when it comes to the discussion of compromise in washington d.c. it's always it seems republicans have to give up the most and democrats the least. >> is it because republicans only have one-half of the house? they've got the house but they don't have the senate, they don't have the white house. the fact is you have to own the moving parts if you want to call the shots. >> elections have consequences. we have 3 million republicans that didn't go out and vote this election. we lost swing states by a couple hundred thousand votes. those were votes we could have gotten and could have won those
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states. elections do have consequences. we don't control the senate. we can't demand we will have a repeal pause there's no way we can get harry reid to go along with anything like that. >> matt, do you feel like republicans ought to have a showdown here, their own version of the ok coral? >> as the non-republican at the table, the problem is you can't de-fund obamacare, you can't. you can make a fight out over it but you can't. if you get to a position where it looks like that republicans or a group of republicans are going to shut down or threaten to shut down the government, they're going to lose the public relations battle. that's the math. the media will hammer them to death. i think they're moving towards del delaying, what grover nis talkig abo about, let's delay everything about one year to delay the politics towards it and get in a position if you win the next election you'll have something
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to talk about without this pressey fis of shutting down the government. >> i don't know a lot of people would be opposed to that. it seems like an over-ton window approach. let's propose burning it down so to speak. not literally. if we can't get that, what best tactic help us move the bar down the field to our advantage? >> you've seen the house under speaker boehner vote 40 times to de-fund obamacare. the commitment is there. we have one house of one branch. we're doing everything we can. if we want to do this, we need more pieces, as you put it. let's get out in this next election, get us a republican senate and take another piece off the board. the commitment and the will is there, we just need the ability to make it happen. >> if the republicans implode over this and get to the place calling each other name, you're not a real republican, you don't have any guts or courage. >> that's always going to happen. >> i know. doesn't that affect our ability
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to win and get the senate back next year? >> not necessarily. i think not being perceived as aggressive will hurt us not get back the senate. statistically that could happen. you even have nate silver saying that could happen. i don't generally want to - to -- he's right on this. he is. bottom line, if you look at -- there's been three polls released in the past four or five weeks, the majority of americans, a fox news poll, 57 some odd percent of americans still super unpopular, unworkable. they want to see it defeated in any way possible. >> other than that, it's perfectly fine. we have to take a break. when we come back, we talk about chairman rice priebus who said if you're going to do these biopics of hillary clinton and give her these pieces, we may not do the debates on your network and is there a clash between libertarians and the republican party. stay with us. i'd like to hear from you.
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just $199.99. hurry in, sale ends august 11th. getting the best back to school deals. that's powerful. verizon. welcome back. we are back with sean spicer, dana laesh and matt welch. matt, you saw in the opening of the show, chris christie saying we have to work about these libertarians. are they a threat to the republican party? >> there is an interesting and philosophical fight going on within the republican party and servanttism. it's not new. they didn't invent it. it's been happening simply since 2009 beginning with the tea party election in 2010 we saw so many conservatives go against the republican establishment and create this new breed of politicians like this that
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emanated from this tradition. there is a fight are you actually serious about cutting government or do you say like mitt romney does, i will cut your taxes and i will not tell you a single thing i will cut at all in the government while we cut defense spending and boost medicare. that has been defied in washington and it's not popular any more. there is this fight and fight over how much you want to limit government and fight how much you want to talk about foreign policy. those are huge differences of opinion and republicans have to fight it out. >> is that an issue republicans are fighting out. the libertarians do have a party. there is a libertarian party and have presidential candidates. should they say, look, if you want to be a libertarian, there's a party and that's where that discussion belongs. >> there is a separate party for it but a strong home for these people in the republican part. i a party that generally comes together on less government,
8:17 pm
less taxes and regulation. a lot of issues they fight for, those principles, there is a huge home for them and make us a better party and have helped us win elections. we would welcome more and more of them. that debate is a healthy one to have within the party. >> it gets a little rough when the primaries end up becoming mirror mirror on the wall who's the most conservative of them all. the fact is there may be a slight bit of difference between a republican and another republican but the damage done among republicans sometimes makes it hard to win the general election. how do we overcome a healthy robust debate without destroying each other in a circular firing squad? >> that's a great question as it's not a libertarian or republican and not a democr democrat -- >> so what are you? >> my strategy is to vote, and for a lot of grassroots, is to vet for the most conservative candidate, most limited government, most fiscally
8:18 pm
responsible candidate who can win in a race. in order to storm the castle you have to kick your foot in the door. that's the strategy i look at. in terms of the fighting between libertarian faction and republican faction, i love the bib bertarian uprising because i think it helps prevent the word conservative from being co-opted. we will never agree 100% on everything. that will never happen. i would rather accomplish the 80% on which we agree and we can fight like crazy on the 20% after we've won on the 80%. that 20% can wait and this 80% is what the country will live and die on and decide the future for our children. >> sean, will due me a favors, please tell rens priebus, i agree and appreciate the stand he's taking if the networks won't run a fair debate and run puff pieces on democratic candidates the rnc will not send
8:19 pm
candidates out there. having been part of that with chris matthews about as non-partial as me, it is absurd. if they asked me to moderate a democrat debate, fine, let matthews moderate a republican debate. that ain't going to happen. thanks all of you. i wish we had more time. this is an issue that will keep going. what i do hope people will understand, republicans can disagree. what they can't afford to do is get to the place where they separate. disagreement is one thing. husbands and wives disagree everyday but they don't divorce over it. what republicans can do is have the debate, get upset, get animated, that's fine. when it gets down to it, if one side of the republican party wins, unite around the side that won and realize you have a lot more common with each other than you do letting harry reid continue to run the united states state senate. that's what has to be stopped and for heavens sakes i hope you
8:20 pm
can understand that. coming up, president obama and putin aren't getting along real well but it's not the president's only relationship that's on the rocks. actor matt damon says obama has got some explaining to do. my reaction and quotes of the week coming up after this. anyone have occasional constipation, diarrhea, gas, bloating? yes! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap each day helps defend against these digestive issues with three strains of good bacteria.
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the relationship between the united states and russia has grown so tense the white house announced the president isn't going to be meeting with his counterpart in russia as previously planned. during friday's news conference the president was asked if the bad blood would get in the way of getting some things done. >> i don't have a bad personal relationship with putin. when we have conversations, they're candid, they're blunt.
8:24 pm
oftentimes they're constructive. i know the press likes to focus on body language and he has that kind of slouch, looking like the bored kid in the back of the classroom. but the truth is when we're in conversations together, oftentimes it's very productive. >> that whole thing about the posture, bored kid in the back of the classroom slouching, do you know why the kid slouches in the back of the classroom? because he's bored. you know why putin might be slouch ing those pret meetings between the two of them? because he's bored. mr. president, liven it up a little bit. maybe that's what's missing. i hope you can have a better meeting when you finally get together. thank you for not canceling the olympics. for heavens sakes, why punish athletes for something you can't do, getting along with the president of russia. >> the president recently accused republicans of creating
8:25 pm
phony scandals. even one of his biggest hollywood supporters is turned off by his lack of transparencisy. here's what matt damon told b.e.t. about his relationship. >> he broke up with me. there's a lot of things i question. legality of the drone strike and these nsa revelation, li like -- you know, if jimmy carter came out and said we don't live in a democracy, that's a little -- that's a little intense when the next president says that. he's got some explaining to do, particularly for a constitutional law professor. >> i think matt's right. matt had to do some of his own explaining. the academy award winner is a big advocate for sending kids to public schools. he recently moved from new york to the west coast and decided to send his kids to private school. here's his explanation. i quote. sending our kids in my family to
8:26 pm
private school was a big big big deal. it was a giant family discussion but it was a circular conversation really because ultimately we don't have a choice. i pay for a private education and i'm trying to get the one that most matches the public education that i had. but that kind of progressive education no longer exists in the public system. it's unfair. matt's a great actor. my advice to him would be if it's unfair your kids weren't going to get the kind of education that was best for them in the public system, you had the option. you, as you said, exercised your choice to put your kids in private school. what about the parents across america who don't have a choice? shouldn't they be allowed to have the choice of home schooling or maybe put their canadians parochial school? private school, whatever they want, whatever's best for their kids. you say it's not fair. what's not fair is that the only people who really have choice in america today in regards to
8:27 pm
education are people who have the kind of money that you've got, or the people who sacrifice every last dime in order to make it for their kids. even though i'm a public school advocate. even though my kids went to school first through 12th grade, i was the first governor in my state whose kids went to public school in me home state. i ultimately believe mothers and fathers make education decisions, not governments. let's empower every parent to make that kind of decision. [ applause ] >> in the opening of tonight's show i talked about the luxuries afforded to ft. hood shooter nadal hasan. his ongoing trial makes me wish we had more judges like william young who sentenced the shoe bomber to life in prison. here's what judge young said to reed during the sentencing. i quote, you are a terrorist. you're not a soldier in any war, you are a terrorist. to give you that reference, to call you a soldier gives you far
8:28 pm
too much stature. whether the offices of government do it or your attorney does it or if you think you are a soldier, you are not. you are a terrorist. and we don't negotiate with terrorists, we don't meet with terrorists, we don't sign documents with terrorist, we hunt them down one by one and we bring them to justice end quote. judge young -- [ applause ] >> here's my thought. if president obama has another vacancy on the supreme court, i can't think of anybody better to pick than you to be on that court. thank you for speaking up for virtually every american i know and speaking it like it ought to be. judge young, you're a hero today. [ applause ] >> coming up, the latest in the ft. hood trial and my latest with scott smiley the first active duty blind officer. we'll talk about the military's discrimination against christians who serve in the
8:29 pm
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live from america's news headquarters. a new nationwide amber alert issued one day after a missing teenager's rescue in idaho. a search now under way for 2-year-old isaiah perez. police say he was taken from a home in johnston, rhode island, where two bodies were discovered early this morning. that little boy lived with the victims inside that house. investigators say isaiah was taken shortly after the killings. two suspects arrested but still no signs of that little one. what i mentioned before the previous amber alert. 16-year-old hannah anderson rescued. it was breaking news last night. she went missing from her home a week ago in california. her abductor, james dimaggio, was killed in a shootout with police in idaho. san diego authorities found the remains of her mom and 8-year-old brother at the home
8:33 pm
of dimaggio they say he set on fire. i'm harris faulkner. now, let's get you right away back to huckabee. >> i am the shooter. that's what fort hood killer nidal hasan said during the opening statements of his military court-martial this week. the former u.s. army psychiatrist is accused of murdering 13 fellow soldiers and wounding dozens more on november 5th of 2009. >> they were bloody. there was blood everywhere. >> it was very distraught. panic everywhere. >> that tragedy the worst shooting at a u.s. military base in american history, came just days before hasan was to be deployed to afghanistan. military prosecutors say the 42-year-old did not want to be sent to fight against other muslims and that he had a jihad duty to kill as many soldiers as possible. investigations following the fort hood rampage uncovered an e-mail exchange between hasan and warn al awlaki, the
8:34 pm
radical u.s.-born islamic cleric and leader in al qaeda's yemen branch killed by a u.s. drone attack in 2011. army officials have charged hasan with 13 counts of premeditated murder and 32 counts of attempted premeditated murder. but some say that's not enough. >> where's the terrorist charge? >> hasan is representing himself during the proceedings. the military judge for the court-martial has rejected hasan's offer to plead guilty. hasan admits he's behind the attack, but military law prevents him from pleading guilty since he faces a death sentence. while protecting hasan the military is actively punishing soldiers for having bibles, having christian material in their possession, even having chaplains pray in jesus's name. joining me now is the author of a wonderful book called "hope unseen." major scottee smiley, who was blinded by a suicide bomber in iraq in 2005, is the first active duty army officer to serve who is blind.
8:35 pm
scotty, it's a real honor and pleasure to have you here. [ applause ] thank you for your heroic service to this country. >> of course, no. it's my pleasure. >> recently, soldiers who were homosexual were given the right to wear their uniforms and march in gay pride parades. >> mm-hmm. >> you often go to churches and give your christian testimony. you're told you cannot wear your uniform in a church. does that seem like a double standard? >> it's hard. we were -- everyone in the military was given a piece of paper to read and then sign saying that they've read it, that you cannot wear your military uniform in church when you're speaking in church or at political events. and i totally understand it as a law-abiding citizen, obey all rules and regulations. and it's hard to see incidences in which you just described occur right after an order like that is given. and it is. it makes it difficult for christians to stand up for their faith and practice the beliefs
8:36 pm
in which they believe in though there's restrictions that begin to shut those down. >> do you think it's more difficult now to openly be a christian in the military than it was when you first went into the military? >> i do. i definitely agree with that. the rules and regulations, policies and procedures which we in the military abide by, which fall under the law of the land, have been becoming more restrictive. in the beginning it's perfectly fine for pastors or chaplains in the military to say "in jesus christ's name." as a christian i personally believe that jesus christ gave his only begotten son and if we believe in him we will live forever. but to say that they no longer can. and as a result -- >> even the chaplains? >> even chaplains in prayers. in churches they can. but every time we have an event, a breakfast, prayer breakfast, meals, balls, you'll have a chaplain that starts the event
8:37 pm
with a prayer and then ends it and it can never be in jesus's name. i think more importantly there's been generals over the time i've been in the military who have been reprimanded and negatively counseled because of their speaking out with their christian faith. and when i as a soldier hear about that i feel it's not just demeaning but it goes down the line of persecuting because now as a christian, a man who believes in god, who trusts in god and fights for my country, believes that my religious faith is beginning to be torn away from me. and that's what really makes it hard. >> and scotty, in the trial this week we've seen nidal hasan, who has openly declared himself renouncing his citizenship, renouncing the military. we paid his salary. we accommodate him. we let him grow his beard. that is a religious expression. how does that make you feel, that a murderer is allowed to express his religious viewpoint and you are not? >> it's hard. the whole case is very difficult.
8:38 pm
and the military i believe has done a wonderful job. they have a whole board that is overseeing that entire case. but when the truth comes to it, they have to follow army policy. and when someone is able to grow a beard or jewish individuals can wear a head dressing for their religious belief, the military allows it. but when individuals that want to have a bible on their desk because that is their religious belief are told to take it off, that's where the double standard becomes in play. for me i believe that, you know, to serve an army who doesn't necessarily support a christian, it makes it difficult to serve. while at the same time i personally know that christians fight for this country as i believe this country was started by christians for christians and it's kind of -- it's a very difficult problem which we're facing nowadays. >> scotty, i appreciate your service to this country and the wounds you've borne for it. [ applause ] and thank you also for candidly sharing.
8:39 pm
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>> al qaeda has been decimated. >> osama bin laden is dead. >> well, throughout the president's campaign for re-election last year we heard him talk about the decimation of al qaeda. but here's what the president said in his press conference on friday. >> core al qaeda is on its heels, has been decimated. but what i also said was that al qaeda and other extremists have metastasized into regional groups that can pose significant dangers. >> last week the state department closed 19 american outposts in the mideast and africa, and they evacuated the u.s. embassy in yemen. this week they warned americans not to travel to pakistan and they evacuated non-emergency personnel from the u.s. consulate in pakistan. all because of terrorist threats. gary burn son is a decorate d former cia officer who served as station chief on three separate occasions and led several of the agency's most important counterterrorism deployments.
8:44 pm
he spent his career hunting down al qaeda. he's also the author of a book, "jawbreaker: the attack on bin laden and al qaeda." gary joins me now. gary, thanks for being here. i appreciate getting to visit with you. we closed all these embassies and consulates all over the middle east and africa. good idea? bad idea? >> well, when the initial statement came out that they were closing the embassies, it was purportedly based on intelligence that indicated there were threats against a wide variety. "the new york times" then released a report that it looked very, very specific. so the administration may have gone overboard in terms of just trying to protect themselves from criticism because of their mishandling of benghazi. but part of the problem is that it's a communications problem too for this administration. they demonstrated that they're not really adept in handling this. firstoff, you're going to have continued threats from al qaeda as we go forward. it's not decimated. that's the first issue. second issue is those embassies
8:45 pm
really aren't closed. they're stating they're closed. they're closed to the public. we don't want people online in case a car bomb goes off and we lose a couple hundred foreign service out there trying to get visas. principal officers are still working in those embassies. many times almost all the americans are working there. so if they continue to close embassies because there's a threat and they announce a closure it looks very, very bad and it looks like al qaeda has sort of got us on the run or defeating us. so they're going to need to come out with a new sort of language for the status of embassies. like number one, status -- status number 1, functioning fully. status number 2, principal officers only. status number 3, you're extreme, you're evacuating people. but we don't want to say we're closing the embassies because they really aren't closing them. but they've made themselves look very bad, governor huckabee. >> gary, we hear this word "chatter," they heard a lot of chatter going on and that's why they closed them. a lot of people in the general public, to us chatter means talking among our friends. when we hear this term, a lot of chatter going on, what exactly
8:46 pm
does that mean? >> i sort of -- i really hate that term. it's a term that's been created by politicos that don't do counterterrorism for a living. it's representing that they're seeing things possibly in the intel world, whether in human reporting or in signals intelligence that indicates that there's communications going on and something's being planned. it's not an accurate term. it shouldn't be used. but the reality is they have some sense some sort of attack or some operational planning is going on and they're responding to it. but it's a terrible term to use. the president shouldn't use it. none of his policy makers should use it. it sounds foolish actually. >> well, that's why i'm not going to use it anymore, gary. i'm going to stay away from it completely. >> yeah. >> there's a new threat that we face. a different kind of undetectable bomb. i know you've talked about it, you've written about it extensively. explain to us what's the next
8:47 pm
thing that could make all the things we're doing currently at tsa worthless? >> well, of course, you've got bomb makers in yemen who actually constructed -- one particular bomb maker who constructed a device, put it inside the body cavity of an individual and sent him in to assassinate the chief of counterterrorism, bin nayev in saudi arabia. there's a lot of engineering going on on the other side, on the side of the terrorists, that are -- they understand that what we're doing in our screening procedures, they understand our technical abilities, and they're trying to defeat them. so we're going to have to continue to be smart about the way we do our business. we just can't rely on technical abilities. we've got to have really good humit to defeat these guys. we've got to take the risk of running human operations to penetrate the groups to know what they're doing before the fact. but the whole issue of liquid explosives is a very very damning and dangerous thing. and if we're not careful, we can
8:48 pm
get beat, and if we get beat on this we lose a lot of people because al qaeda and the al qaeda franchises and offshoots continue to have a preoccupation with airlines and going after aircraft. >> wow. gary, i'm thinking we did with the shoes, we take our shoes off. the underwear bomber. they put their hands all over us. what are they going to do next, open us up at the tsa checkpoint and surgically look us over? i'm not sure. it's really scary stuff. >> it's hard, but look, governor huckabee, when i was in afghanistan in the early years, we had a guy who had a grenade that they inserted literally inside his body cavity, inside his rectum, and he was attempting to detonate it in a surgical ward, trying to kill the doctors that were working on him. >> wow. >> shocking. they will go to any means to kill our people. >> that's a scary thought. gary, thank you for being here. it's a pleasure to have you on the show today. >> it's a great pleasure to be with you, sir. >> thank you. coming up, four young brothers who are making a name for themselves in the christian rock business. the group everfound is next.
8:49 pm
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>> they are four brothers born in russia but they grew up in colorado after their family moved when they were young so they could enjoy the religious freedom they didn't have in their native country. they have combined their strong christian beliefs and their love of music to become one of the hottest christian rock acts around. they just released their self titled debut album. please welcome "ever found." great to have you guys here today. >> thanks for having us. hubbi >> you and your brothers create this band but you were born in russia. you came here. tell me what kind of background. your great grandfather i
8:53 pm
understand was in prison in russia because he owned a bible. >> it was my great grandfather's brother. some of my family members spent time, spent more than 20-years in prison for being bold about his faith for owning a bible for doing bible study. that inspired us so much to be bold about our faith, to be pursuing our dreams, to be pursuing music. that is our story. >> you have a grabrand new albu out. exciting music on it. it is absolutely wonderful. i am thrilled you came by to play today. we are going to do a cut from the album. >> we are so excited about it. >> after people see the show they will order the cd they will download the single and you will have a number one hit. audience, did you hear that? let's do it. >> let's do it. ♪
8:54 pm
♪ [music] ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪
8:56 pm
♪ ♪ >> that is "ever found." their brand new cd is out now. hope you will get it. give these guys your support. i certainly want to give them mine they let me play with them. thanks for joining us. until next week from new york
8:57 pm
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